Dump the Urban Living Drag

Dump Urban Living!

All the constraints of urban living don’t really hit you until you escape them and design your own lifestyle.

Ruby Valley Small Business Friendly

Small  Business Friendly

Wouldn’t be great to focus on doing what you love and skip the distractions (to put it nicely) of the local and state govenments regulators?  The Ruby Valley provides an environment where small businesses flourish because government bureaucracies are kept to the minimum.

Ruby Valley's Supportive Community

Supportive Community

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, retired, a young family, newly married, or single, there’s a great niche for you in the Ruby Valley Community.  The same is true for your employment – remote worker, small business, established enterprise or just starting your career – the Ruby Valley’s community organizations will support your endeavors.   

Ruby Valley Local Schools

Good Local Schools

Based on a foundation of excellent teachers, the Ruby Valley schools provide a solid foundation in the core subjects (English, math, science, history and foreign language) plus a broad range of non-core offerings in arts/music, career exploration and vocation.

It's Your Lifestyle

It’s Your Life(style)!

What would you do with more time? What lifestyle would you design for yourself and your family?

Move to the Ruby Valley - Where to Start

Where to Start

Here are lots of resources to get started on your on your move.