Embracing Small Businesses

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It Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficult!

Do you have your attorney and the local government on speed-dial?  Does it feel like every time you get an idea to grow your business, you need to worry about breaking some esoteric local regulation?

In the Ruby Valley, the town councils are volunteer positions and they do not want to spend any more time on governance than is necessary to balance the budget, manage a couple of city employees and oversee the necessary utilities and infrastructure.  There is some politics but most of these volunteers are donating their time for public service, not the bureaucracy or self-service.

Of course, you have to comply with the Workman’s Comp, OSHA and other federal laws.  However, the state and local government business requirements are negligible.

How to Start a Sole Proprietor Software Development Company in the Ruby Valley

  1. Contact the Secretary of State on-line at http://sos.mt.gov/business/toolkit and click on “Register a Domestic Business”.  Follow the simple instructions.  It costs $20 to register a sole proprietorship and create an assumed business name.  You can also take care of your Workman’s Comp from this website.
  2. After you’ve received confirmation of your assumed business name,
    – Contact the IRS to apply for your EIN (Employer Identification Number),
    – If your business will be located within the town limits of Sheridan or Twin Bridges, contact the city clerk to register your business.  There is an annual business license fee of about $25-30.
  3. Contact your insurance agent to obtain business insurance.
  4. Take care of getting your domain name registered and start working on your website.
  5. If you would like to join the local chamber, contact the Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture for a membership.
  6. Done!

Have you got broadband up there yet?

Yet bet!  Within the town limits of Twin Bridges, Sheridan, Silver Star, Laurin, Alder and Virginia City, and areas adjacent to Highway 287, 3 Rivers Communications provides high-speed fiber-optic cable internet.  It is extremely reliable and fast.  (Most residents say it’s a big improvement over services available in Dillon, Butte and Bozeman.)  Fiber-optic cable has also been laid to certain higher density housing areas in the Ruby Valley.  Please call 3 Rivers Communications for more information about fiber-optic cable service areas.